Author instructions


Prior to any productive activity with us, it is required to register. The registration procedure is kept as simple as possible and forms the basis for further exchanges (login, uploads, information emails etc.). Once validated, the registration allows via login to access to authoring-related functionality of the site.

Upload of scientific papers

The registered author can upload scientific papers anytime. Files must be in pdf format, however. The upload of material starts from our side the reviewing procedure.

Consent form signature

As usual for many publishing institutions, fora and conferences, we ask authors to sign a consent form that is attached to our Editorial and Publishing Policies document. Once signed, the form is to be scanned and returned by email to This is a required procedure prior to any publication.

Reviewing procedure

The reviewing procedure is double-blind and involves experts of the domain. We insure no fixed delay for reviewing, however we will take care of your review within reasonable time.

Results of reviewing will be forwarded to the authors by emails. Results can be either 'accept', 'accept with corrections' or 'reject'. Depending on the results, authors will receive further instructions in order to continue the procedure.


One accepted, our team will publish your research material and make it available for download. Publication concerns IJIR Journal Issues as well as direct search and downloads.